A short, sweet post to deliver a profound if  counterintuitive message.

Deep joy can only exist when we have experienced our pain.  When we've actually let the pain IN, without filters and coping mechanisms.

Sure, we can feel happy.  We can think positive.   Good stuff.   I abide by all of it.

And... I know that experiencing the true depths of any emotion requires the allowance of its opposite.   

We must know the dark in order to recognize the light.

Which one wins in the hierarchy?  The light wins every time.  That's the design.

Use this Truth in order to conjure the courage it takes to look at the dark patches that keep you stuck where you are when you'd rather be experiencing a more majestic life.

Consider it a valuable contrast that lets you get clear on what it is you really DO want.  Knowing what we DO NOT want is a powerful launch point that gives us direction on our path... keeps us out of the bushes.

And here's an interesting rub.  The threatening nature of pain subsides once you know you can use it to your benefit.   

Then you begin to see right through it... because, after all, it's ONLY energy, electricity, chemistry running through your body.  

If the fear of pain feels threatening, know that even that is an illusion... unless you're actually facing a bear in the woods, in which case please hightail it using your elevated adrenalin.

So go in and see what's there.  Play with it.  Find the give in it.  See if you can see that it actually wants good things for you.