Nancy Ann Key, Transformational Coach, Author and Master of Habit Change

Are you in the midst of transition?  

If so, this is the perfect time to create the next vision for your life, because the discomfort and chaotic feelings you're experiencing are simply outdated patterns and beliefs wanting to be released in order to make space for a new, updated version of You.

The surrounding circumstances look different for each one of us.  For some it's a trauma - the loss of a loved one, marriage, job or home.  For others it may be an addiction or other disruptive pattern.  It could be a shift in phase of life and a falling-away of how things used to be.   These are all indications that something within you is wanting to move into the next phase of growth and a deeper sense of satisfaction with life.  This is natural and meant to be embraced, rather than resisted, in order to expedite your own evolution.  

I operate under a prevailing paradigm that our desires (the things we want) are clues that lead us toward our greatest potential and our highest level of service in the world.  As such, I will focus with you on what it is you're wanting to experience in your life.

For some of you this may not be clear at all right now.   Not to worry.  Unveiling your desires is part of the process.  Your only job is to show up honestly and willing to participate.  There's no way you can get it wrong.

I'll help you get clear on what it is you really want and lay the foundation for you to have it.   You'll gain easy access to your own answers so that making the necessary shifts feels effortless and natural. 


"Nancy is a kindred spirit. She has a deep inner knowing that clearly  
guides her intuition during sessions. She kept coaching fun and  
fulfilling all at the same time. I'd highly recommend Nancy to anyone  
looking for a deep and meaningful experience of themselves, the  
process and connection to another.

"Nancy has a deep commitment to serenity and transformation. She  
acknowledges the parts inside of you until you are able to honor and  
acknowledge them yourself. There is a very sincere and delicate  
approach to Nancy's guidance. I felt love, safety and belonging all  
the way through my coaching experience.

"Nancy has a deep understanding of reciprocation. She is mindful of the  
give and take process and a teacher of self-awareness around where we  
hold and where we release. In one session with Nancy, I was able to  
have a breakthrough around an old part of mine that needed an upgrade  
to a role that better serves me now. I still use the image we created  
that session to empower myself on an almost daily basis. Powerful!"

Beverly Sartain, Transformational Coach